Archipeople Show – April

On April 1st, First Thursday, at Shaken Lounge on 46th and Fremont from 6-9pm friends, guests, and the public are invited to a new display of digital art/photos of architectural sculpture and detail from Eastern Europe circa 1890-1920.

The Singer (Sewing) Building in Saint Petersburg, Russia was built between 1902-1904.

This is a detail of the plaster ornamentation from the interior of Catherine’s Palace outside Saint Petersburg built in the mid 19th century.

A random corner building in Old Belgrade where many buildings are decorated with the heads and faces of men and women.

A balcony bracket at the start of the promenade street in Old Belgrade… the promenade leads to the old citadel at the top of the hill.

An old balcony in Lviv, Ukraine near the Polish border (the city was once part of the Austrian Empire) probably turn of the century… the entire downtown is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The entrance to an old apartment building along the waterfront boardwalk at Yalta, Ukraine probably 1920′s, recently refurbished and turned into a hotel.

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